Top 10 Major Sea Ports in India

The route of business development one country to another country is Sea Ports, where you can export and import the goods and products. Mostly all the countries export-import goods at big level by the ships, when we go back old days it’s a only one transport medium is ships by the sea route. So more important sea ports for the business purpose where you can explore the business out of country used medium of the sea ports. TheIndia sea ports are handled a huge volume of cargo traffic and container traffic.


Here we discuss about top 10 major sea ports in India, there are multiple sea ports in India where transport the goods and products into the cargo and container by the ships. These are major sea ports of states in India like as: Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal etc.

Nahava Sheva – Maharashtra: This one is in Maharashtra and is the biggest compartment port of India. It is otherwise called Jawaharlal Nehru Port. The significant exports from this port are materials, floor coverings, boneless meat, and primary imports incorporate hardware, vegetable oils, and chemicals.

Kandla Port - Gujrat: Gujarat has some major sea ports and has therefore occurred prominent centre of trade and export. Nowadays this is a largest port of India which handled largest volume of cargo.

Mormugao Port – Goa: Mormugao port is one of the important iron minerals exports in India and raw material.

Panambur Port – Karnataka: It is also say that New Manglore Port. It is also major sea port of India.

Cochin Port – Kerala: It is also one of the largest sea ports of India; it handled about 13.5 million tons of cargo yearly.

Port Blair – Andaman Nicobar: This is located at Port Blair capital of Andaman Nicobar Island. It is also very popular for tourist place.

Chennai Port – Tamil Nadu: It is an oldest sea port of the India, and it is the hub ports for the cars, cargo and big container traffic coast of India.

Vizag Port – Andhra Pradesh: This is the oldest port of the India; it is located at Vishakhapatnam city of Andhra Pradesh.

Pradip Port – Orissa: Orissa is also one of the important sea port on eastern coastline for iron-ore, coal and other cargoes handled at the port.

Haldia Port - West Bengal: This sea port located at near the Hooghly River in the state of West Bengal. The port of Haldia obtains large volume of the cargoes of oils, chemicals and petrochemicals.





India is one of the largest country in the world which import-export the products. As well as multiple sea ports are available for transportation of cargo and containers. The top 10 major sea ports in India listed above which is situated at different- different states of the place.